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The dog and the little bitch.

Picture 93

You licked my fingers –m4w– 35 (Folsom)

… you reached out and began licking my fingers. It was disgusting and adorable. I began making kissing noises and fawning over you; scratching your ears, patting your head…

Me: excitable, clean-cut, blue jacket. Typically a cat person.

You: small and compact, with black and white fur and ears that stuck out.

We’ll let you decide who is the little bitch and who is the dog in this situation.


We suddenly understand that one Paula Abdul song.

Picture 52

I was the blonde in the white corvette, I almost hit you. You were walking your pitbull and I forgot to look up from my espresso when I saw you begin to run! Sorry! I thought you were cute though! Sorry for the scare! Get at me if ya want to teach me some driving lessons, my car goes fast!

Straight up now tell me do you really want to love me forever? Or am I caught it a hit and run?

The [un]Professional.

don't take that job...

Hey, you aced the interview. You had no reason to be nervous, you were fantastic. I thought you were beautiful and I admit it wasn’t easy to focus. I’d love to hang out! This feel [sic] like a long shot, but if you catch this then get back to me with the only question you asked me. 😉

Turns out, they were both looking for a job. But the job he wants has nothing to do with employment.

When you go to the Davis co-op, you expect a certain level of crazy.

I saw you at the co-op today, 10/13/12. Around 5:30. You were blonde, short, cute. Wearing some kind of yoga pants. They were tight, black and looked to be made out of some elastic material. I think that’s what yoga pants are.

I’m a tall, brown-haired, wearing grey shirt with khakis rolled up to my knees. I probably had a helmet on. I was just locking up my bike. You were on your way out of the store to your bike.

We said “hi” to each other. You caught me practicing a character. I’m sure I seemed like a crazy person, talking to myself in that voice. But then, maybe you didn’t hear; I was talking pretty softly. I don’t know if you smiled because you saw me, or because you heard me talking to myself and felt like taking pity on the weird guy mumbling about a polarbear named “Pookie.”

If it was you, respond to this and I’ll buy you a cup of tea. We can talk about Victorian poetry. Or whatever.

But he’s pretty coo coo for organic gluten-free vegan fair trade cocoa puffs.

Swing and a Miss [A Reader Submission and a Call to Action]

Last week, we got an email from Amie L. asking for our help. She told us that she met a very cute guy while she was on BART last weekend and is afraid she missed her connection. Not knowing where else to turn, she thought of us! We are thrilled to hear this because a) it means that more than just our moms read the blog, and b) we get a chance to do something nice for a change (don’t worry, we won’t make a habit of it).

We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t BART in San Francisco?  First of all, aren’t you so smart? But before you get your “I Heart Sacramento” panties in a twist, Amie L. does, in fact, have a connection to Sacramento. You see, she just moved to Oakland from Sacramento a few months ago, and we know she misses Sacramento terribly (we may have taken some liberties with the “terribly” part). We hope that by helping her make this connection, it will help her remember Sacramento with the fondness it deserves (we also took liberties with the “deserves” part).

Here is Amie L.’s missed connection:

 BART Baseball Boy (9/28/12) w4m (East Bay)

You were with your friends on BART, headed to the A’s game. You let me get on in front of you, since I had a bag. When you later realized I was getting off on the same stop, you suggested I join you at the game. Offered me a ticket and a beer. I said no because I had to catch a flight. You asked again, and I laughed and said I would, but I really had to get to the airport. 0 for 1 on that date, but I wouldn’t let that pitch go by again!

-Swing and a Miss


Here’s how you can help our friend Amie L. This post is exclusive to Sacramento is For Lovers, so please do Amie L. a solid by sharing this link for all of your Nor Cal friends to see. For obvious reasons, she’d like to keep her missed connection as far away from Craigslist as possible. We understand completely. Let’s see what we can do!


Do you have a strange/funny/cute/amusing real life missed connection you want to share, like Amie L. and Alison K? Submit it to sacramentoisforloversblog@gmail.com and if it’s strange/funny/cute/amusing enough, it might be featured. Don’t hold your breath.