I don’t get it. What are “missed connections”?

The Missed Connections section on Craigslist is a way to contact someone with whom you didn’t get a chance to connect. Maybe you saw a cute girl at a coffee shop but she left before you could get her number. Maybe you are looking for someone you lost touch with years ago. Maybe you are a transgendered bisexual looking for Amy/Ted who you met at the rodeo last year. Pretty much anything goes (as you can see).

Some missed connections are cute. Most of them resemble those posted on this blog.

See it for yourself: http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mis/

Do you write them yourself?

Are you serious? No. All of the posts on this blog are screenshots from craigslist.org. I have not altered them, nor have I drafted them myself. You can’t make this stuff up.

Which part do you write?

I write the title and the bold type under the screenshot of the post. The rest is courtesy of the Internet.

Do you add the photographs and graphics?

At the moment, no. All of the photos or graphics you see were included in the original post. Yes, people are that insane.

What does [sic] mean?

I use [sic] to denote that I have transcribed something exactly as written, spelling and/or grammar mistakes and all. The word sic is Latin for “thus,” and is short for sic erat scriptum which means “thus was it written.” This is a fun fact to tell your friends at parties… if you want them to hate you.

How often do you post?

Right now, you can expect new posts Monday through Friday whenever I feel like it. But you can count on the Facebook page being updated pretty regularly (perhaps too regularly) with funny thoughts, photos, memes and strange creepy interesting news about Sacramento.

What inspired you to start this blog?

I’ve always found the Missed Connections section on Craigslist to be a frightening fascinating glimpse into the human psyche. Mostly though, I think it’s equally sad and hilarious.

Are you a grammar nazi?

No. In fact, I rarely follow correct grammar rules and hardly ever use correct sentence structure (not on purpose, anyway). Then again, I’m also not posting on the Internet in hopes to find romance. Everyone makes mistakes– some just make funnier mistakes.

If it’s just you who posts on the blog, why do you always say “we” ?

A few reasons. 1) It sounds cooler. 2) I’d like to think that Sacramento is For Lovers represents an entire community of people who are totally slightly cynical but ultimately hopeful about the possibility of finding love in Sacramento (and also feel a strong sense of validation in knowing we don’t have it so bad). Or maybe that’s just me.

Are you single?

That’s frankly none of your business… who wants to know?


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