Category: Missed Corrections

She’s neither here nor their [sic].

I don’t know if your out there or on here? I’m going to the Bar you had on your FB page around 9 this evening hope your their?

But wherever she is, she’s probably hoping not to see you *there*.


Political Impotence [A Craigslist Debate]

 Despite this being a one-sided debate, Obama wins because we’re pretty sure he knows the proper usage of “your” and “you’re.” 

Wait. Did you say Joe’s Crabhouse?


You were a cutie tonight… describe me briefly and I will buy you lunch at Joe’s Crabhouse the next time I come for a visit…


Nice of him to offer to buy you lunch, but we wouldn’t recommend going to Joe’s Crabhouse.

Joe’s Crab Shack, yes. The Crabhouse, no.

A Craigslist Custody Battle.

This poorly written post and arbitrarily punctuated ecard are certainly not making a good case for sole custody.

cc: Child Protective Services