Category: Creepy Connections

The [un]Professional.

don't take that job...

Hey, you aced the interview. You had no reason to be nervous, you were fantastic. I thought you were beautiful and I admit it wasn’t easy to focus. I’d love to hang out! This feel [sic] like a long shot, but if you catch this then get back to me with the only question you asked me. 😉

Turns out, they were both looking for a job. But the job he wants has nothing to do with employment.


Let’s talk about sex, baby.

I’m a safe, sane guy who just wants to sex chat. Nothing more. If interested, send me a note. Thanks.

We think Elvis said it best: “A little less conversation, a little more action.”

There’s been a mistake.

So a late family group got in front of your viewing pleasure at the airshow and i saw your frustration. You were with your family and i saw a ring on your finger. You looked very beautiful and sexy and I couldn’t take my eyes off of you…

We thought this was about the air show, not the gun show. We’d like a refund.

She has issues.

You were an Indian girl with long, dark hair, wearing a skirt and Bull Emia top, sitting on a bench reading a book in Cerveza Heights Park. I was the guy who sat next to you. All I did was smell your hair. Perhaps we can get together and work out your issues. I await your reply.

She may not have had issues before a stranger sat down next to her at a park and sniffed her hair, but she certainly does now.