The Sacramento Police Blotter Files: Gone, Doggy Gone.

The following is a fictional imagining of the events surrounding this police report. Any resemblance to people, places or creatures is purely coincidental:


It all started a few days ago when he shot the neighbor’s dog. He would later tell himself that it was spontaneous, but it wasn’t. See, that neighbor’s dog had been driving him crazy for months, maybe even years. It had been so long, he didn’t even remember what it was like to not wake up to that blasted dog’s incessant barking.

And then it happened. Somehow that mangy mutt got out of its backyard and into his. And there was his chance, just staring him in the face. But the dog wasn’t barking at all. It was just sitting there. Staring at him.

So he left to get his shotgun. If the dog was still there when he got back, he would take his shot.

When he returned, the dog was still there, waiting. He cocked his gun and raised it to his eye, pointing it at the docile dog.

And that dog just kept staring, like it didn’t even care that it was about to die.

He lowered his gun.

“Is that what you want, old boy? You want me to do it?”

And the dog blinked as if to acquiesce. The man and dog looked at each other for a while. It was a look that transcended time, space and species.


The dog crumbled to the ground.

Within minutes, the police arrived, having heard reports of a gun being fired. When they found the man, he still had the gun in his hand.

Everyone asked him why he did it. They assumed it was because the dog was on his property. He wasn’t so sure.

All he knew was that the dog wasn’t barking anymore. And they were both free.


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